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The *HUGE* 2016 iCompete/INBA City National is on next

The *HUGE* 2016 iCompete/INBA City National is on next, with big teams from every state and territory throughout Australia. The times provided above are only an estimate because we always get a huge last minute avalanche of competitors registering for the event given we have iCompete that permits that to happen. Through iCompete you can be 100% in control of your event and career, you can register, enter extra divisions, change divisions, order merchandise, print out a receipt and so much more plus of course you can use the FIT WALL which is the worlds leading Social Media platform exclusively dealing with health and fitness and partnering with other platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Really, there is no reason whatsoever to ever go anywhere else because the before, during and after are all first class and highly professional. Our events start and finish on time, you are kept in the loop the whole time, no missing your division, there is plenty of room to prepare, it;s a stress free atmosphere, the best judges on the planet and when you win an iCompete/INBA National Title, you are truly at the top of your game. This ASADA/WADA approved event will be conducted under the anti-doping rules that are used in the Olympic Games. All up, this is a major event sporting event for NSW and Rab Mehajer and his team are highly experienced in every area of the event. With 363 entrants registered so far and more entries pouring in right up till midnight on 23rd May, it looks like being a 400 entrant show of the highest possible quality as most of the entrants are State finalists from around Australia catering for both Amateurs and Pro Qualifiers. Full details are available here! Register via iCompete here!