PRO Qualifier

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Win an Amateur Open division in any ICN Australia domestic event (includes Open Height Classes if offered) and enter the equivalent Pro Qualifying division listed here. You can enter multiple PRO Qualifier divisions only if you have won the Amateur Open division in each.

                    AMATEUR PRO QUALIFIER
                     Bodybuilding Open  PRO Qualifier Men’s Bodybuilding
                     Mr Physique Open  PRO Qualifier Mr Physique
                     Men’s Fitness Open  PRO Qualifier Men’s Fitness
                     Ms Figure Open  PRO Qualifier Ms Figure
                     Fitness Model Open  PRO Qualifier Fitness Model
                     Bikini Model Open  PRO Qualifier Bikini Model
                     Sports Model Open  PRO Qualifier Sports Model

* The ICN PRO Qualifier career stats provides members with an easy to read way of seeing those who have earned the option to compete for their PRO Card, and the time frame they have until you must re-qualify by winning an Amateur Open division again.

You have two years from the date you win your Amateur Open division to compete in a PRO Qualifying event before your opportunity lapses. Therefore, any Amateur Open winner in the past two years is eligible. Note: If you won an Open division prior to the two-year limit you may approach your State President as they can invoke an invitational wildcard to enter the PRO qualifier at their sole discretion. ICN Australian President Tony Lanciano, at his sole discretion, has the power to grant an exceptional athlete their PRO card.

All non-placing competitors in a PRO Qualifier event have the opportunity to enter as many PRO qualifier events within their two-year qualification period. This means for those competitors who did not PRO qualify, your chances of gaining PRO qualification may be improving with each show! ICN Australia run PRO Qualifying events at all Australian Fitness Expos; Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and at the Victorian State Titles.



To lookup your professional qualification status please login to iCompete natural to see whether or not you are a current pro and whether or not you are currently financial (Premium Membership)  

Whilst inside the iCompete Natural portal you can see a lot of your other statistics which are updated automatically for you convenience including Pro and Pro Qualifier status (This image shows the Pro status, the qualifier image is different).