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The phenomenal success of iCompete natural has stunned the sports world with the speed in which the social media platform has grown to 11,457 members from 26 countries and it hasn't been that long, the platform is still under development and there are stacks on features planned and scheduled to be added progressively as we go along.
The Australian based natural sports beginning would have surprised most other sports as countries from all over the world have made overtures to become part of this amazing technology platform. When Ron Ziemiecki was asked recently to described exactly what iCompete Natural is, it because a rather lengthy explanation because the technology actually covers so many fields. Briefly put, in the first instance it a memberships and management database driven solution that 100% runs a sports association the size of INBA Australia easily, with it's more than 50 domestic competitions with an average of around 250 entrants per show, with a record of close to 1,000 in 2014 in Qld. In that role the software has a different dashboard for members to administer their own affairs, enter comps, make edits, pay and grab receipts, order merchandise and so on. The Promoters have a different dashboard where they create events and upload posters, event information PDF's and set the conditions, prices, times and dates for their events and communicate to their members via the Communications Portal which is a unique best of breed technology breakthrough for us that is 100% integrated into the system. Admins and support staff have a different dashboard that do other things like helping people who are not 100% comfortable with fully automated systems.
The Fit Wall is another aspect of iCompete Natural that is just running hot and ready to explode into mainstream social media, it has similarities to Facebook except it's much better because it's 100% totally focused on health and fitness. The social membership is free for life and you only ever need the one account which is based on your e-mail address. If you want to compete in a competition then you need to upgrade to a Premium Membership, after you compete if you take a few years off to concentrate on building your body better, your membership reverts back to a social membership without you doing anything and then years later you can simply upgrade again for another 12 months to premium.
Effectively this is a lifelong, career and record keeping technology that is totally free because let's face it only a small percentage of the population will ever compete on stage, that's why iCompete Natural has been built for every person to be able to use and to gain knowledge and inspiration from. We believe that some people will find iCompete and just want information on dieting or training and then after awhile will get the competition bug and eventually take the plunge. That's why we are in the first instance a natural association meaning you don't have to take any artificial substances to become unusually large and we also concentrate on first timers, novice, beginners, rising stars and so on, we are focused on giving every single person there time on stage. The reason it's important to compete is because those of us that have, know it's a life changing experience. Once you feel as good as you do when you are lean, mean, trim and terrific, you will spend the rest of your life chasing that feeling!!!
Finally iCompete Natural is an information portal, where members can share business and promote themselves, gain sponsors by exposure on an unprecedented scale and have a lot of fun using the Fit Wall and Locality guide. The next development, just weeks away will be the introduction of a messenger style facility so that members can chat with each other in real time without having to leave the platform. We already have a sharing arrangement going with Facebook and Twitter, so make sure you do your posts on the iCompete Natural Fit Wall first, then simply select which other platforms you want to share the post with.
Long term INBA Australia supporters have witness the evolution of iCompete Natural over the last couple of years, we are now at 11,457 members and 26 countries and that's without officially launching yet. Strictly speaking we are only operating inside Australia however like all great technological ideas, you can't keep it a secret for very long. One day, in the not so distant future, I hope to write a similar story to this one, finishing with a few back slapping congratulations for reaching our first one million members. Yes it seems impossible, it seems as difficult as climbing Mount Everest or landing on the Moon, doesn't it!!! Stay tuned!!! Grab your free lifetime social membership right now at