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Check out Ellisha’s journey through fitness

This is Ellisha’s journey through fitness so far, thanks to Matt Van Dyk. September 2014 is when it all started, weighing 90kgs at the time I was desperate to lose weight, and thankfully it all began with a Facebook post with Matt van Dyk at custom coaching where I did my first 6 week boot-camp. That inspired me to begin my weight loss journey with Matt whom I asked to help me shred my weight and give me a healthy self esteem as well as a body to be proud of. My first step was a diet and a training plan which I stuck to rigorously, I started off with small goals as I had no idea how much weight I wanted to lose yet, when I reached each goal I would start a new goal for example 5kgs at a time. As I started to see results and the weight started coming off it gave me more motivation to push for more results. After a year of repetitive training and dieting I spoke to Matt about competing for iCompete/INBA in bikini. We sat down and discussed what I would have to do to achieve this so we started my prep in April this year. With a new diet and training program as well as introducing some cardio sessions in the morning the weight really started falling off me. Prepping for comp has been the biggest challenge I have achieved so far. Not only did I have to get out of my comfort zone but build my confidence to step up on stage. I hadn’t realised how much there was to it until I started posing classes and designing my bikini, after a lot of emotional battles I am 2 years into my journey I have now lost a massive 37 kilos to get to where I am today and I can honestly say I have never felt or looked better.
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