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Q. How long is Membership for?
A. There are two type of Membership types and periods. Your Free Social Membership lasts indefinitely. When you upgrade to a Premium Membership to compete and/or advertise (in the Locality Guide) your membership is for the following period: Join between January 1 and June 30 your premium membership is renewable on December 31, or Join between July 1 and December 31 your premium membership is renewable on June 30 the following year.
Q. What's the difference between Membership Fees and Event Fees, do I have to pay twice?
A. The iCompete Premium Membership Fee is the amount you pay to become a member who competes in any contest promoted in iCompete. It also means you are willing to be subject to drug testing anytime during your membership. Event Fees differ from contest to contest and are set by the individual promoters.
Q. Can I call and pay for my premium membership over the phone?
A: No, it must be done online because when you check the terms of agreement it forms part of a contract between you and ASADA/WADA that you agree to let them drug test you if you are selected. Therefore, the only way any person can become a Premium Member is via going through the online process.
Q. I get to the checkout page, but can’t select my credit card?
A. iCompete uses PayPal as a third party financial gateway, you don't have to be a PayPal member to use PayPal, simply select 'Pay as Guest' once inside PayPal and then select the credit card of your choice. Of course if you are a PayPal member then just pay in the usual method. After you successfully pay, you will be presented with an option to return back to the iCompete website.
Q. When I click the button on my renewal to pay it just sits there, what can it be?
A: It could be your bank card! You may have it set at a maximum of $100 for online transactions for security reasons, this is quite common. Raise your limit, do the transaction then you can decrease your limit again afterwards.
Q. I'm on a Mac using and I can't seem to pay for my membership, what can I do?
A. Try Google Chrome, this works very well. We haven't had any problem with the browser for either Mac or Windows, it's a good idea to make sure you apply all O/S Updates when they are released.
Q. I can't find my member number?
A. You can gain access into your account via your original e-mail address and password, once you successfully login go to your Profile from the dashboard, your number is listed at the top of the page.
Q. Can I get a refund on my Premium Membership?
A. Premium Membership refunds only apply to those people who have not competed yet. Once you compete there is no refund. We can offer a refund if you join and cancel prior to competing less an AUD$35 administration fee.
Q. Can I transfer my membership from another Federation not part of iCompete?
A. No, there are no agreements in place with other Federations. To compete with iCompete you need to become an iCompete Premium Member. Once you become an iCompete Premium Member you can compete in any event listed in iCompete whilst your membership is current. Membership lasts depending on the following schedule: Join between January 1 and June 30 your premium membership is renewable on December 31 or Join between July 1 and December 31 your Premium Membership is renewable on June 30 the following year. Social Membership to iCompete is free and can be upgraded to a Premium Membership at any time. You can join iCompete at
Q. I can't seem to find my Premium Membership number etc. I competed almost 2 years ago and need to get things organised. Do I renew or just join afresh?
A. Once you become an iCompete Member your member portal exists forever. In your case your Premium Membership is simply un-financial, so you revert back to a Social Member and all you need to do is renew/upgrade once you log in. The problem for most people is they have forgotten their password. Use the actual password you selected when you first joined or whatever it is if you changed it in your profile section at any time. If you just can't remember your password, then you will have to reset it via this link: Many people who reset their password claim they never get the e-mail which carries the new password. The reason in the overwhelming majority of cases is that the automatically sent notification simply went into their Junk Folder or was consumed by a spam filter. It's a very good idea to make sure the domain is included on your 'white list' or your 'permitted list' in your e-mail software program, so that you never miss a notification from us again.
Q. I have tried going into password reset & it won’t send me my member number.
A. The password reset just changes your password, it does not issue your membership number. Just go to the login page: type your original e-mail address into the Member# box. Type your password into the Password box. You can see your membership number located in your Profile once you have successfully logged in and then use your membership number to log in, instead of your original e-mail address.
Q. Can I compete in Australia? I live in another country.
A. Yes! You may enter any event you see in the International dropdown list.
Q. Are all event details the same?
A. No, each event is unique. Divisions offered, times and costs are all different for each competition. Each promoter produces an ‘Event Information PDF’ which thoroughly itemizes every detail and is located in MY RESOURCES or on the national website here:
Q. Where do I find the calendar of events?
A: To see the calendar of events click on Enter New Event or go to: If an event is listed as TBA it means either the exact date or venue is still to be advised by the event promoter. Most competitions fall at approximately the same time each year depending on venue availability. When the event date and details are confirmed you will see the event posted on iCompete.
Q. How do I qualify for a domestic event?
A: Most events require no additional qualification with the exception of National Events. Please see the Event Information PDF for all details, if there are any qualification criteria or special conditions, it will be clearly described therein. See here:
Q. How do I Qualify for the Australian City Nationals or Australian Titles?
A. All competitors must qualify to compete at the City Nationals and Australian titles by achieving one of the following: During the current year: • Top five in any iCompete contest • Special invitation from an iCompete State President Exceptions: All permanent NSW state residents are exempt from qualifying for the City National event. The qualification criteria for other countries varies widely and you must contact the President or Promoter in the country you are interested in to obtain the full qualification criteria.
Q. I am trying to enter a season B event, but I couldn't find it on iCompete?
A. The event promoter will activate the event in iCompete and then place an ‘Event Information PDF’ into the Entry & Event Information webpage: and also in the My Resources section of your iCompete.
Q. I’m trying to pay for my event on iCompete but can't see where to pay?
A. The event promoter may switch the online payment system on in the last few days or may elect to receive payment at some other time and place designated in the ‘Event Information PDF’ located in the Resources section of iCompete or on the national website
Q. Is the September iCompete event the last competition for the year?
A. No, you can check the contest Calendar we generally have events as late as October/November, however to be sure check the calendar. International events mean that it's now possible for events to be schedule virtually year round.
Q. What is the Angels Division?
A. Angels is a fun class unique to iCompete, the costume is based on a bikini, (no G Strings) the costume can resemble that of an Angel (wings), or a Showgirl Las Vegas type costume, feathers and frills, tulle, sequins, diamantes, anything that is feminine and over the top that the competitor has always dreamed of wearing, glitz, bling, glamour is the key. It is a 'Fun' event.
Q. What does First Timer mean?
A: First Timer means this is the first time you have ever competed onstage. It means this is your first contest in any federation and in any division. This applies to all events except for National events where you must pre-qualify to be able to compete in a National First Timer division.
Q. What happened to the Ms Physique division?
A. The Ms Physique division had a name change back to Ms Figure in 2013 to differentiate it from Figure (International) which is popular internationally. There were no guideline changes it was purely a name change.
Q. What's the difference between Ms Figure and Figure (International)?
A. Ms Figure is based more on muscularity and judged via posing. Figure International is based on symmetry and presentation and competitors do not pose, rather they perform a stage walk and quarter turns.
Q. As a bikini competitor, what kind of costumes will be preferred?
A. Bikini models required attire is a two-piece fashion bikini. There is no restriction on fabric or style. However, avoid the 'posing costume' typical of Ms Physique and Bodybuilders. A Bikini Model will be better served wearing a bikini that displays a sense of fashion and style. Competitors also wear high heels during their round. A Bikini competitor will deliver a combination of these objectives: Beauty overall cosmetic appearance, photogenic, skin tone and physical appeal.
Q. What are the female divisions?
A. BikiniModel, FitnessModel, SportsModel, SwimwearModel, Angels, Figure International, Ms Figure, Bodybuilding.
Q. What is different between Bikini Model and Fitness Model?
A. Bikini Models have a softer, beach-body compared to the Fitness Model Class. Competitors should not have a 6 pack abs. Fitness Model should aim to have 6 pack abs.
Q. What are the male divisions?
A. Mr. Beachbody, Male Fitness Model, Mr Physique, Bodybuilding.
Q. Am I a Bikini or Fitness Model?
A. For female competitors the difference between Bikini and Fitness Model may be slight. Critically a female fitness model can be harder, best defined as allowed to have and display a six pack abdominals. In terms of a female competitor asking "Am I a Bikini or Fitness Model?" the answer is not a solely about the body. At the extreme of both divisions there is an obvious difference between a soft bikini competitor and a developed fitness competitor with chiselled abs. However, 80% of competitors will have a body that will fit either division, with a combination of some developed muscle groups yet softness elsewhere. Indeed, up to 2012 both types of competitor were in the one division (SportsModel). Therefore, apart from using the "six pack" guideline, a competitor can also choose a division based on which title, ideals and criteria suits their competitive ambitions.
Q. I've registered as a Bikini Model and want to switch to Fitness Model but I can't see Fitness Model in the drop-down but I know it's in the contest because it's listed in the Event Information PDF, why can't I see it so I can switch?
A. iCompete has a number of restrictions which are built into iCompete so you can't accidentally enter an incorrect division. In this case you cannot enter both Bikini and Fitness Model, you can only enter one. If you want to change you must withdraw from your incorrect division first, then enter your correct choice. A very important note, make sure you save your amendment by submitting it (Save) otherwise it won't work. So in 3 easy steps, follow this schema: 1. Withdraw division. 2. Add Division. 3. Save (Submit) your change.
Q. How long should my prep be before a competition for a bikini or fitness novice comp?
A. You should contact a PT or Competition Coach in MY LOCALITY GUIDE, otherwise contact the national/state/territory president/promoter who can put you in touch with one, you will find the contact info here for Australia:
Q. How do I get tickets for an iCompete event?
A. Each promoter has their own method of selling tickets, it is recommended that you read the full terms and conditions set out in the ‘Event Information PDF’ found here:
Q. Do you know which day men's bodybuilding will be on I'm just looking at flights?
A. You can usually find a schedule of events in the ‘Event Information PDF’ found here
Q. I have tried resetting my password and it will not send me an email?
A. If you just can't remember your password, then you will have to reset it via this link: Many people who reset their password claim they never get the e-mail which carries the new password. The reason in the overwhelming majority of cases is that the automatically sent notification simply went into their Junk Folder or was consumed by a spam filter. It's a very good idea to make sure the domain is included on your 'white list' or your 'permitted list' in your e-mail software program, so that you never miss a notification from us again.
Q. I'm on a Mac and I can't seem to pay for my membership, what can I do?
A. Try Google Chrome, this works very well. We haven't had any problem with the browser for either Mac or Windows, it's a good idea to make sure you apply all operating system (O/S) updates when they are released.
Q. I tried to pay last night and hit my submit button three times, will I be charged three lots of money? A. That is not possible on iCompete which is hard coded to refuse multiple payments, therefore if you did keep hitting the submit button, the third party financial institution like PayPal for example would take preventative action, it would never get to us in the first place.
Q. I keep going around in a cycle, what's wrong?
A. It sounds like you’re in a 'cache trap' and the best way to resolve that is via a 'Hard Refresh' which varies according to the system you're using, here is how to do the most popular systems: Internet Explorer: Hold the Ctrl key and press the F5 key. Or, hold the Ctrl key and click the Refresh button. Safari: Hold down ⇧ Shift and click the Reload button on the toolbar. Windows/Linux: Hold the Ctrl key and press the F5 key. Or, hold down Ctrl and ⇧ Shift and then press R. Mac: Hold down the ⇧ Shift and click the Reload button. Or, hold down ⌘ Cmd and ⇧ Shift and then press R.
Q. I just can't pay, it crashed the first time and I'm going around in circles?
A. Okay, this happens to a few people and basically PayPal require a very fast response and if your system sends your data but it's not quick enough, the page simply crashes. Once you've crashed a copy of the crashed page (with any error messages) is stored inside your computer in an area called cache. There are ways to clear your cache and there is also a 'Hard Refresh' However sometimes that still doesn't help, so one of the best fixes for almost everything, is a simple reboot of your system, just turn it off, wait a few seconds and turn it back on and then try again. If that doesn't help, as much as you won't like it, try another computer because each computer is set up differently with drivers, apps, programs and so on. Almost universally switching to a different computer or device will work instantly. You can join iCompete and register for events online here
Q. Where can I get late breaking news from?
A. The iCompete ‘Fit Wall’ is the leading global site for news in the world of fitness. We suggest you bookmark it or make it your homepage, so you can visit every day. We also have the iCompete companion website which is updated daily with news items plus you can read past news which is archived at the bottom of the home page or by using the search facility. We also have an iCompete Facebook profile which deals with different aspects of the fitness industry at
Q. How do I find out about posing classes?
A. Each country has their own arrangements for posing classes, for Australia please go here: select your state and then contact your State President and ask about posing classes, they will let you know what's scheduled close to your location.
Q. What type of tan is required for Fitness Models?
A. Fitness Models do not need to be extremely dark like you see in the bodybuilding divisions. A dark spray tan is sufficient. However, some competitors in this division will use a top coat like the bodybuilder's tan's such as Body Shimmer or Tan Master. If you do use a bodybuilding top coat product we suggest you spread it thinly so as not to be too dark.
Q. What is the stage format for Male Fitness Model?
A. In the fitness wear round competitor's wear fitness or cargo styled shorts (sometimes supplied). The way the Male Fitness Model division is presented will vary at each show depending upon the stage configuration and number of competitors. Competitors may be required to do either an individual or group walk across the stage, walking to the front and centre of the stage to perform four quarter turns in your own time before continuing to the other side of the stage. Following the individual presentation, the whole group is brought on stage for comparisons of the quarter turns. The criteria can change internationally so please check with your country President first.
Q. What is the best Stage Presence requirements in Figure International?
A. To attain the best Stage Presence, concentrate on the following: • Confidence • Execution of quarter turns and figure walk • Skin tone, make-up, suit selection • Overall presentation
Q. Can a fitness model compete as a bikini model?
A. No this is a restriction in iCompete. There are no crossovers allowed between: • Female: Bikini Model and Fitness Model • Female: Ms Figure and Bodybuilding • Male: Mr. Physique and Bodybuilding
Q. How can I get the Contest Results?
A. All iCompete Australia Contest Results since 2005 are archived here: Q. Once the competition has concluded, when can I expect the Results posted on A. Generally within 24 hours, however sometimes results can take longer if the event promoter requires more time to finalize details.